Compendium of seahells

Publication Type:Book
Year of Publication:1982
Authors:Abbott, R. T., Dance S. P.
Number of Pages:1-411
Publisher:American Malacologists
City:Melbourne, FL
Taxonomic name: 
Utriculina gibbosa (Taxon Pages), Agaronia travassosi (Taxon Pages), Agaronia hiatula (Taxon Pages), Alocospira rosea (Taxon Pages), Alocospira petterdi (Taxon Pages), Baryspira montrouzieri (Taxon Pages), Gracilispira novaezelandiae (Taxon Pages), Austrancilla edithae (Taxon Pages), Oliva nebulosa (Taxon Pages), Ancilla Ancilla fasciata (Taxon Pages), Ancilla reevei (Taxon Pages), Eburna glabrata (Taxon Pages), Baryspira similis (Taxon Pages), Baryspira hinomotoensis (Taxon Pages), Ancillista muscae (Taxon Pages), Baryspira optima (Taxon Pages), Turrancilla suavis (Taxon Pages), "Ancilla" tindalli (Taxon Pages), Amalda tankervillii (Taxon Pages), Ancilla Sparellina acuminata (Taxon Pages), "Amalda" bullioides (Taxon Pages), Ancilla Sparellina ampla (Taxon Pages), Ancillista cingulata (Taxon Pages), Baryspira contusa (Taxon Pages), Baryspira depressa depressa (Taxon Pages), Baryspira mamillata (Taxon Pages), Alocospira marginata (Taxon Pages), Mundaspira monilifera (Taxon Pages), Baryspira obtusa (Taxon Pages), Ancillista velesiana (Taxon Pages), Olivancillaria vesica (Taxon Pages), Carmione bulbosa (Taxon Pages), Viduoliva vidua (Taxon Pages), Oliva oliva (Taxon Pages), Americoliva flammulata flammulata (Taxon Pages), Anazola acuminata (Taxon Pages), Americoliva fulgurator fulgurator (Taxon Pages), Galeolella carneola (Taxon Pages), Americoliva incrassata (Taxon Pages), Annulatoliva amethystina (Taxon Pages), Americoliva spicata spicata (Taxon Pages), Miniaceoliva miniacea miniacea (Taxon Pages), Callianax biplicata (Taxon Pages), Oliva brettinghami (Taxon Pages), Felicioliva peruviana (Taxon Pages), Annulatoliva buelowi buelowi (Taxon Pages), Miniaceoliva caerulea (Taxon Pages), Oliva sayana (Taxon Pages), Olivancillaria contortuplicata (Taxon Pages), Annulatoliva mantichora (Taxon Pages), Olivella nivea nivea (Taxon Pages), Olivella dama (Taxon Pages), Dactylidia mutica (Taxon Pages), Viduoliva reticulata (Taxon Pages), Miniaceoliva sericea (Taxon Pages), Carmione tigrina (Taxon Pages), Olivella gracilis gracilis (Taxon Pages), Neocylindrus tesselata (Taxon Pages), Viduoliva tricolor (Taxon Pages), Acutoliva panniculata panniculata (Taxon Pages), Miniaceoliva hirasei hirasei (Taxon Pages), Americoliva julieta (Taxon Pages), Multiplicoliva multiplicata (Taxon Pages), Omogymna ozodona ozodona (Taxon Pages), Porphyria porphyria (Taxon Pages), Miniaceoliva ornata (Taxon Pages), Dactylidia nana (Taxon Pages), Americoliva reticularis (Taxon Pages), Olivancillaria orbignyi (Taxon Pages), Annulatoliva? parkinsoni (Taxon Pages), Olivella petiolita (Taxon Pages), Agaronia propatula (Taxon Pages), Olivina tehuelcha (Taxon Pages), Viduoliva rubrolabiata (Taxon Pages), Parvoliva rufofulgurata (Taxon Pages), Parvoliva rufula (Taxon Pages), Vullietoliva splendidula (Taxon Pages), Agaronia testacea (Taxon Pages), Galeolella todosina (Taxon Pages), Plicoliva zelindae (Taxon Pages)
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