West and South Indian Shelf province


This province covers the following ecoregions: 103. Western India; 104. South India and Sri Lanka.

Ancilla ampla (Gmelin, 1791)

Southern India and Sri Lanka [104]

RV 0567b. India, Tamil Nadu, Ervadi, by dredging, 1983. Scale bar is 1 cm.

Ancilla cinnamomea Lamarck, 1801

Southern India [104]

RV 2345a. India, Kerala, Trivandrum, December 1979. Scale bar is 1 cm.

Ancilla chrysoma Kilburn, 1981

Southern India and Sri Lanka [104]

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"Ancilla" tindalli Melvill, 1898

Western India [103]

Syntype NHMUK 1898.7.5.56. Angrias Bank, off W India. Photo P. Recourt.

Carmione similis (Marrat, 1867)

Sri Lanka [104]

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Carmione tigrina (Lamarck, 1811)


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Miniaceoliva concinna kremerorum (Petuch & Sargent, 1986)

SE India, Sri Lanka [104]

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Miniaceoliva tremulina flammeacolor (Petuch & Sargent, 1986)

Sri Lanka [104]

RV 4779. Sri Lanka, NE of Kalpythiaa, Ippantivi Island, Puttalam Lagoon; on fine sand, sand pocket, depth 3 m. Scale bar is 1 cm.

Oliva faba Marrat, 1867

Sri Lanka [104]

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Oliva oliva (Linnaeus, 1758)

SE India [104]

RV 6931a. India, Tamil Nadu, Tuticorin. Scale bar is 1 cm.

Utriculina junior (Duclos, 1840)

W India [103], SE India and Sri Lanka [104]

RV 1427. Sri Lanka, dredged. Scale bar is 1 cm.

Utriculina gibbosa (Born, 1778)

SE India, Sri Lanka [104]

RV 2113. Sri Lanka, Gulf of Mannar; by diver; June 19, 1975. Scale bar is 1 cm.

Viduoliva vidua (Röding, 1798)

SE India, Sri Lanka [104]

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