Errata & corrigenda for Petuch's "Biogeography and biodiversity of western Atlantic mollusks", 2013.

Olividae and Olivellidae related errata. Those already stated by Petit (2013) are credited here accordingly.

Page Location Petuch Read
58 Figure caption Oliva sarasotaensis Incorrect subsequent spelling: Oliva sayana sarasotensis Petuch & Sargent, 1986 (Petit, 2013: 11)
134 Upper list Oliva drangae Oliva drangai Schwengel, 1951
134 Body text Eburna glabrata Eburna balteata Sowerby, 1823
147 Species list Eburna matthewsi Assignation of Ancilla matthewsi Burch & Burch, 1967, to Eburna Lamarck, 1801. However, the species is the genotype of Hesperancilla Kilburn, 1981. The species has never been assigned to Eburna before.
155 Species list Olivancillaria steeriae Oliva steeriae Reeve, 1850, is a West African Agaronia, as demonstrated by Teso & Pastorino (2011). Oliva steeriae "Reeve, 1850" - Lange de Morretes, is a Western Atlantic species.
159 Figure caption and species list Plicoliva zelindae oceanica Plicoliva oceanica Coltro, 2005 (American Conchologist 33: 20, 25, Pl. 20 bottom row, Pl. 24 fig. 17. Reef 70 km east of Abrolhos Archipelago, 20-40 m.). Nomen nudum: in quotation marks and indicated as "possible new species". Also see Petit (2013: 7). Anyway, Plicoliva Petuch, 1879, belongs to the Volutidae.
159 Figure caption Olivancillaria steeriae See above
168 Species list Olivancillaria urceus brasiliana Only use of Oliva brasiliana Lamarck, 1811, as a subspecies, read Olivancillaria urceus (Röding, 1798)
170 Species list Olivancillaria uretai Olivancillaria uretai Klappenbach, 1965, is a junior synonym of Oliva orbignyi Marrat, 1868, as demonstrated by Teso & Pastorino (2011).
171 Species list Olivina plata Olivancillaria auricularia plata Ihering, 1909, is a junior synonym of Oliva puelcha Duclos, 1835, according to Pastorino (2009), representing female specimens.
175 Figure caption Olivancillaria uretai See above
188 Note Americola Error for Americoliva Petuch, 2013.
188 Species list Oliva fugurator Spelling error: Oliva fulgurator (Röding, 1798) - Porphyria fulgurator Röding, 1798 (Petit, 2013: 12).
188 Species list Oliva sarasotaensis See above
210 Body text Oliva sarasotaensis See above

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