Die Gattung Ancillaria

Publication Type:Book
Year of Publication:1878
Authors:Weinkauff, H. C.
Series Title:Systematisches Conchylien-Cabinet von Martini und Chemnitz
Number of Pages:1-40 + [2]
Publisher:Bauer & Raspe
Keywords:Classic works
Taxonomic name: 
Baryspira rubiginosa (Taxon Pages), Baryspira montrouzieri (Taxon Pages), Gracilispira novaezelandiae (Taxon Pages), Ancilla Ancilla fasciata (Taxon Pages), Ancilla Ancilla cinnamomea (Taxon Pages), "Amalda" obesa (Taxon Pages), Baryspira angustata (Taxon Pages), Eburna glabrata (Taxon Pages), Baryspira similis (Taxon Pages), Ancillista muscae (Taxon Pages), Ancilla Ancilla marmorata (Taxon Pages), Chilotygma exigua exigua (Taxon Pages), Amalda tankervillii (Taxon Pages), Baryspira australis australis (Taxon Pages), Ancilla Sparellina albisulcata (Taxon Pages), Ancilla Sparellina acuminata (Taxon Pages), Baryspira albocallosa (Taxon Pages), Baryspira mucronata (Taxon Pages), Anolacia aperta (Taxon Pages), Eburna balteata (Taxon Pages), "Amalda" bullioides (Taxon Pages), Ancilla Sparellina ampla (Taxon Pages), Ancilla Ancilla castanea (Taxon Pages), Ancillista cingulata (Taxon Pages), Baryspira contusa (Taxon Pages), Ancilla Sparellina eburnea (Taxon Pages), Amalda dimidiata (Taxon Pages), Ancilla Ancilla ventricosa (Taxon Pages), Eburna lienardi (Taxon Pages), Mundaspira lineata (Taxon Pages), Ancilla Sparellina lineolata (Taxon Pages), Baryspira mamillata (Taxon Pages), Alocospira marginata (Taxon Pages), Anolacia mauritiana (Taxon Pages), Mundaspira monilifera (Taxon Pages), Mundaspira oblonga (Taxon Pages), Baryspira obtusa (Taxon Pages), Ancilla Sparellina ovalis (Taxon Pages), Ancilla Ancilla sarda (Taxon Pages), Ancilla Interancilla scaphella (Taxon Pages), Alocospira sinensis (Taxon Pages), Ancilla Ancilla tronsoni (Taxon Pages), Gracilispira vernedei (Taxon Pages)
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