The Eocene of the Claiborne Group, SE USA


These richly fossiliferous Eocene deposits belong to the most thoroughly documented marine fossil faunas. The fauna of the Claiborne Group (Alabama, Texas) has been documented early by Conrad (1833) and Lea (1833), largely describing the same species with Conrad's earlier publication having priority. Subsequent smaller publications (Conrad (1834, 1860); Heilprin (1881); Aldrich (1886, 1921, 1931); De Gregorio (1890); Cossmann (1893)) added to the knowledge of the molluscan fauna. The malacofauna of the Stone City Formation of Texas was documented by Emerson & Emerson (2001).

Palmer's (1937) monumental work summerasised the available knowledge and should be considered the starting point of any study on the subject.

Stratigraphic units within the Eocene Claiborne Group
Series   Stage Texas Mississippi Alabama 
Eocene Claiborne Group Bartonian Yegua Formation Yegua Formation Gosport Sand
Cook Mountain Formation  
Lutetian Stone City Formation Lisbon Formation Lisbon Formation
Sparta Formation
Therrill Formation
Weches Formation
Queen City Formation   Tallahatta Formation
Reklaw Formation  
Carrizo Formation  
Wilcox Group     Grenada Formation Hatchetigbee Formation
    absent Bashi Formation
    Holly Springs sand Tuscahoma Formation
    Ackerman Formation Nanafalia Formation
Midway Group     Porters Creek clay Naheola Formation
    Clayton Formation Clayton Formation
Micrancilla alibamasiana Pacaud, Merle & Pons, 2013

Lisbon Formation (Alabama)

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Agaronia alabamensis (Conrad, 1833)

Alabama (Gosport Sand; Lisbon Formation); Texas (Stone City Formation; Cook Mountain Formation).

RV 4386. USA, Alabama, Clarke County, No further precision [Claiborne Group, Lisbon Formation, Gosport Sand. [Eocene, Bartonian]. Scale bar is 1 cm.

Olivula staminea reklawensis (Garvie, 1996)

Texas (Reklaw Formation)

Type figures

Olivula staminea staminea (Conrad, 1833)

Alabama (Gosport Sand, Lisbon Formation)

RV 0088a-c. USA, Alabama, Jackson, Gosport Sand [Eocene. Bartonian]. Scale bar is 1 cm.

Pseudoliva vetusta (Conrad, 1833)

Alabama (Lisbon Formation); Texas (Cook Mountain Formation)

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