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The Olivoidea ScratchPad is devoted to the neogastropod superfamily Olivoidea (Olividae, Bellolividae, Benthobiidae, Pseudolividae, Ancillariidae) with Harpidae, Babyloniidae (Muricoidea) and Colubrariidae (Buccinoidea) included but rather incomplete.

This site is very dynamic, with taxa being moved forth and  back from time to time, as new information becomes available on phylogeny and taxonomy.

"The superfamily Olivoidea (Gastropoda: Neogastropoda). An illustrated chronologic catalogue of literature, taxa and type figures, 1681 to present" (3rd edition, May 2018), is available now. Click the link to go to the literature record or click the thumbnail below to download directly.

Previous version are available as well:

First edition (2016)

Second edition (2017)

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