Oliva staleyi n.sp. Description of a new taxon of genus Oliva (Gastropoda: Olividae). Comparison with Oliva oliva Linnaeus, 1758, with which it is syntopic. Observations in its habitat

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2011
Authors:Perini, M. A.
Date Published:12/2011
Keywords:Indonesia, Java, Philippines, Recent

The study of some colonies of various species of Oliva situated on the Southern coast of the Palawan Island (Philippines), the Northern coast of Narra Bay, and on some Eastern and Northeastern beaches on the Bali Island (Indonesia) has brought to light the discovery that Oliva samarensis Johnson, 1915, Oliva oliva (Linnaeus, 1758) and Oliva staleyi n. sp. shared the same sites. This latter taxon has been illustrated with a single specimen by Hunon, Hoarau & Robin (2009) in the iconography of Oliva oliva. The syntopy of Oliva staleyi n.sp. with the two above mentioned species, besides evident biological differences, confirmed that Oliva staleyi can be considered a valid species.

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