Miocene of Victoria and South Australia, Australia


The stratigraphy of the Oligocene-Miocene Murray Group was discussed by Cowley & Barnett (2007).

Ancillaria semilaevis Tenison-Woods, 1879

Victoria. Muddy Creek Formation

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Baryspira lanceolata (Tate, 1889)

Victoria. Muddy Creek Formation

RV 6893a. Australia, Victoria, Hamilton, Muddy Creek, Lower beds of Muddy Creek Formation [Miocene, Balcombian (Langhian)]. Scale bar is 1 cm.

Baryspira pseudaustralis (Tate, 1889)

Victoria. Muddy Creek Formation.

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Baryspira tatei (Marwick, 1924)

South Australia, Cadell Formation

RV 5789. Australia, Southern Australia, Murray River Cliffs, Murbko [Miocene, Middle Miocene, Murray Group, Cadell Formation]. Scale bar is 1 cm.

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