National Museums Liverpool - LIVCM - 17.6.1875 [423]

Basis of record: 
Preserved Specimen
Institution code: 
National Museums Liverpool
Collection code: 
Catalogue number: 
17.6.1875 [423]
Type status: 

Only 1 specimen not 4 as per Liverpool's database. Specimen size a match for illustration in Thesaurus Conchyliorum but pattern slightly different. Shell has faded. 4 specimens are missing according to register and Tomlin's note. Marrat handwritten label ' Oliva Bahia Found in company with Marginella Bellangeri' Marrat handwritten label 'O. circinata 109 Marrat Bahia'. Tomlin label 'type + 4 others of O. circinata Marr. which = sayana Ravenel' Ford 1953 first mention of Holotype.

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