The family Harpidae

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1999
Auteurs:Poppe, G. T., Brulet T.
Journal:A Conchological Iconography
Taxonomic name: 
Morum Oniscidia fatimae (Taxon Pages), Harpa amouretta (Taxon Pages), Harpa crassa (Taxon Pages), Harpa articularis (Taxon Pages), Harpa cabriti (Taxon Pages), Buccinum costatum (Taxon Pages), Harpa laetifica (Taxon Pages), Harpa crenata (Taxon Pages), Harpa davidis (Taxon Pages), Harpa doris (Taxon Pages), Harpa robusta (Taxon Pages), Harpa gracilis (Taxon Pages), Harpa goodwini (Taxon Pages), Buccinum harpa (Taxon Pages), Harpa kajiyamai (Taxon Pages), Harpa major (Taxon Pages), Harpa kawamurai (Taxon Pages), Austroharpa wilsoni (Taxon Pages), Austroharpa learorum (Taxon Pages), Harpa punctata (Taxon Pages), Austroharpa exquisita (Taxon Pages), Austroharpa loisae (Taxon Pages), Oniscia strombiformis (Taxon Pages), Morum lamarcki (Taxon Pages), Strombus oniscus (Taxon Pages), Oniscia tuberculosa (Taxon Pages), Morum praeclarum (Taxon Pages), Morum Onimusiro amabilis (Taxon Pages), Morum Oniscidia joelgreenei (Taxon Pages), Oniscia cancellata (Taxon Pages), Oniscia grandis (Taxon Pages), Morum Oniscidia ninomiyai (Taxon Pages), Morum Oniscidia uchimyamai (Taxon Pages), Morum watanabei (Taxon Pages), Morum Cancellomorum watsoni (Taxon Pages), Morum Oniscidia teramachii (Taxon Pages), Morum Oniscidia vicdani (Taxon Pages), Morum Oniscidia kurzi (Taxon Pages), Morum Oniscidia macdonaldi (Taxon Pages), Oniscia macandrewi (Taxon Pages), Oniscia exquisita (Taxon Pages), Oniscia ponderosa (Taxon Pages), Morum Oniscidia veleroae (Taxon Pages), Oniscia dennisoni (Taxon Pages), Morum domingense (Taxon Pages), Morum Cancellomorum matthewsi (Taxon Pages), Morum bruuni (Taxon Pages)
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