Shells of the Philippines

Publication Type:Book
Year of Publication:1986
Auteurs:Springsteen, F. J., Leobrera F. M.
Number of Pages:1-377
Publisher:Carfel Seashell Museum
ISBN Number:971-91029-0-x
Mots-clés:IP, Philippines, Recent
Taxonomic name: 
Oliva vicdani (Taxon Pages), Porphyria miniacea (Taxon Pages), Oliva hirasei (Taxon Pages), Oliva tremulina (Taxon Pages), Porphyria sericea (Taxon Pages), Porphyria vidua (Taxon Pages), Porphyria caerulea (Taxon Pages), Oliva bulbiformis (Taxon Pages), Porphyria reticulata (Taxon Pages), Oliva elegans (Taxon Pages), Oliva funebralis (Taxon Pages), Oliva mustelina (Taxon Pages), Oliva lignaria (Taxon Pages), Oliva tricolor (Taxon Pages), Oliva rufula (Taxon Pages), Porphyria bulbosa (Taxon Pages), Oliva concavospira (Taxon Pages), Oliva annulata (Taxon Pages), Oliva annulata (Taxon Pages), Oliva parkinsoni (Taxon Pages), Oliva athenia (Taxon Pages), Oliva bülowi (Taxon Pages), Oliva rufofulgurata (Taxon Pages), Oliva sidelia (Taxon Pages), Voluta carneolus (Taxon Pages), Voluta oliva (Taxon Pages), Oliva duclosi (Taxon Pages), Oliva dubia (Taxon Pages), Oliva panniculata (Taxon Pages), Oliva tesselata (Taxon Pages), Harpa articularis (Taxon Pages), Harpa major (Taxon Pages), Buccinum harpa (Taxon Pages), Harpa kajiyamai (Taxon Pages), Harpa amouretta (Taxon Pages), Oniscia exquisita (Taxon Pages), Morum celinamarumai (Taxon Pages), Morum Oniscidia kurzi (Taxon Pages), Morum Oniscidia joelgreenei (Taxon Pages), Oniscia grandis (Taxon Pages), Buccinum muricatum (Taxon Pages), Triton soverbii (Taxon Pages), Triton nitidulus (Taxon Pages), Colubraria sp. (Taxon Pages), Colubraria sp. (Taxon Pages), Colubraria castanea (Taxon Pages), Triton tortuosus (Taxon Pages), Triton antiquatus (Taxon Pages), Antemetula metulina (Taxon Pages)
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