Western Coral Triangle province


The Western Coral Triangle province is the biodiversity hotspot of the Central Indo-Pacific realm. Where the malacofauna of the Philippines (ecoregion 127 and part of ecoregion 126) is well documented, other ecoregions are seriously under-documented. Of Indonesian waters, only the island of Bali is well documented in collections, mainly due to its extensive tourism industry.

All ecoregions have their own pages here.

Ecoregions of the Western Coral Triangle province
Ecoregion Coverage Reference works
126. Palawan/North Borneo Palawan chain, Philippines, N Borneo, Indonesia, including Brunei and Sabah (Malaysia). Springsteen & Leobrera (1986); Poppe (2017)
127. Eastern Philippines Philippines, other than Palawan chain of islands. Springsteen & Leobrera (1986); Poppe (2017)
128. Sulawesi Sea/Makassar Strait Southernmost part of Davao, Philippines, northern and western shoreline of Sulawesi, Indonesia.  
129. Halmahera Halmahera, North Maluku, Indonesia, and neighbouring islands. Oostingh (1925).
130. Papua Western West Irian, Indonesia.  
131. Banda Sea SE Sulawesi and southern Maluku, Indonesia.  
132. Lesser Sunda Chain of southern islands of Indonesia, from Bali in the west to Timor in the east.  
133. Northeast Sulawesi Sea between Central Sulawesi and North Sulawesi, Indonesia.  

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