Pliocene of Spain, Portugal and France

The number of European Olivoidea became much lower during the Late Miocene. Only few records for the superfamily reamain from the Pliocene, which are listed below.

Spain Portugal France

Estepona Basin (Lower Piacenzian). Olivoidea documented by Landau & da Silva (2006)

Guadalquivir Basin (Zanclean). See Sierro, González Delgado, Dabrio, Flores & Civis (1990); Gonzalez-Delgado (1993).

Mondego Basin (Uppermost Zanclean to lowermost Piacenzian). See Cox (1941); Sbyszewski (1959); Brébion (1971). Loire Basin (Zanclean). See Van Dingenen, Ceulemans & Landau (2017).

The following species are recognised:

Amalda iberica Landau & Da Silva, 2006

Estepona Basin, Spain

Type figures

Baryspira elongata (Deshayes, 1830)

Estepona Basin and Guadalquivir Basin, Spain; Mondego Basin, Portugal; Loire Basin, France

Figure coming

Baryspira patula (Döderlein, in Bellardi, 1882)

Estepona Basin, Spain

Figure wanted

Jaspidella clanzigi (Lozouet, 1992)

Estepona Basin, Spain

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