Catalogue and bibliography of the marine shell-bearing Mollusca of Japan. Gastropoda. Bivalvia . Polyplacophora . Scaphopoda

Publication Type:Book
Year of Publication:1999
Authors:Higo, S., Callomon, P., Goto Y.
Number of Pages:937 pp. (not paginated)
Publisher:Elle Scientific Publications
Keywords:Japan, Recent
Taxonomic name: 
Voluta oliva (Taxon Pages), Oliva panniculata (Taxon Pages), Oliva duclosi (Taxon Pages), Oliva lentiginosa (Taxon Pages), Olivella williamsi (Taxon Pages), Oliva annulata (Taxon Pages), Oliva annulata (Taxon Pages), Oliva aniomina (Taxon Pages), Oliva scripta (Taxon Pages), Porphyria bulbosa (Taxon Pages), Oliva bulbiformis (Taxon Pages), Oliva funebralis (Taxon Pages), Voluta carneolus (Taxon Pages), Oliva volvarioides (Taxon Pages), Porphyria miniacea (Taxon Pages), Porphyria caerulea (Taxon Pages), Oliva hirasei (Taxon Pages), Oliva irisans (Taxon Pages), Porphyria sericea (Taxon Pages), Oliva tremulina (Taxon Pages), Oliva multiplicata (Taxon Pages), Oliva mustelina (Taxon Pages), Oliva inornata (Taxon Pages), Oliva concavospira (Taxon Pages), Oliva guttata (Taxon Pages), Oliva paxillus (Taxon Pages), Oliva sandwicensis (Taxon Pages), Oliva rufula (Taxon Pages), Oliva rufula tectiphora (Taxon Pages), Porphyria vidua (Taxon Pages), Oliva elegans (Taxon Pages), Oliva hemiltona (Taxon Pages), Porphyria reticulata (Taxon Pages), Oliva tricolor (Taxon Pages), Tateshia yadai (Taxon Pages), Ancilla sumatrana (Taxon Pages), Ancilla suavis (Taxon Pages), Ancillaria mamillata (Taxon Pages), Amalda hayashii (Taxon Pages), Ancillaria hilgendorfi (Taxon Pages), Ancilla rubiginosa (Taxon Pages), Ancillaria albocallosa (Taxon Pages), Baryspira utopica aureocallosa (Taxon Pages), Ancilla hinomotoensis (Taxon Pages), Amalda otohime (Taxon Pages), Amalda utopica (Taxon Pages), Baryspira utopica parentalis (Taxon Pages), Ancilla lactea (Taxon Pages), Ancillaria sinensis (Taxon Pages), Oliva fortunei (Taxon Pages), Olivella fortunei var. japonica (Taxon Pages), Olivella spreta (Taxon Pages), Oliva signata (Taxon Pages), Oliva pulicaria (Taxon Pages), Oliva fulgurata (Taxon Pages), Olivella spretoides (Taxon Pages), Olivella aureobalteata (Taxon Pages), Buccinum harpa (Taxon Pages), Harpa amouretta (Taxon Pages), Harpa kajiyamai (Taxon Pages), Harpa major (Taxon Pages), Harpa articularis (Taxon Pages), Oniscia cancellata (Taxon Pages), Morum Oniscidia uchimyamai (Taxon Pages), Oniscia grandis (Taxon Pages), Morum Oniscidia teramachii (Taxon Pages), Oniscia macandrewi (Taxon Pages), Morum Oniscidia joelgreenei (Taxon Pages), Morum Cancellomorum watsoni (Taxon Pages), Oniscia ponderosa (Taxon Pages), Oniscia exquisita (Taxon Pages), Buccinum muricatum (Taxon Pages), Epidromus cumingi (Taxon Pages), Colubraria castanea (Taxon Pages), Triton soverbii (Taxon Pages), Triton tortuosus (Taxon Pages), Colubraria nitidula (Taxon Pages)
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