Contribuição para o estudo da fauna malacológica do arquipélago de Cabo Verde

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1986
Authors:Burnay, L. P., da Conceicao B.
Journal:Garcia de Orta, Série de Zoologia
Keywords:Cabo Verde, Cape Vert, Recent, West Africa

A systematical, anatomical, ecological and zoogeographic study has been made on the species belonging to the family Olividae referred to the Cape Verde Islands, based In the material at the collections of the Centro de Zoologia (Lisbon), and in those from several private collectors. Although in the consulted bibliography, references has been made to the species Oliva flammulata Lamarck, 1810, Oliva dolicha Locard, 1896, Olivella esther (Duclos, 1835), Olivella pulchella (Duclos, 1835), Olivancillaria nana (Lamarck, 1810), Olivancillaria acuminata (Lamarck, 1822), and Agaronia hiatula (Gmelln, 1791), as being present in those islands, the presence of living population is only recorded and confirmed for Oliva flammulata, Agaronia hiatula and Olivancillaria acuminata boavistensis n. ssp.

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