Type specimens of Quarternary marine gastropods from Argentina

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1993
Authors:Aguirre, M. L.
Keywords:Argentina, Recent

During the last century and beginning of the present the type specimens of most marine gastropod species found along the southwestern Atlantic coast, mainly Buenos Aires Province, Argentina, were deposited abroad by authors such as Lamarck, J. B., d'Orbigny, A., Ihering, H. and Pilsbry, H. A., among others. Other species recorded in this region were originally described from different areas (northwestern Atlantic coasts, Antilles, eastern Pacific coasts). Synonyms and information about types, repositories, type localities, as well as designation and illustration of lectotypes -or reilustration of holotypes- of 18 taxa is here presented for the first time as a result of 5 years of preliminary systematic work. This information is basic to other, more detailed, studies of those fossil as well as living gastropods from this area. It also helps to establish more accurately their stratigraphic, geographic, and ecologic ranges.

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