The Tertiary Mollusca of the Gisborne District

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1931
Authors:Marwick, J.
Journal:The Tertiary Mollusca of the Gisborne District

This bulletin describes the Tertiary Molluscan faunas of the eastern part of the Raukumara Peninsula, which forms the north-east corner of the North Island of New Zealand. Here, in the district surrounding Gisborne and extending north towards East Cape, Tertiary rocks cover a wide extent of country, and have for many years been of considerable economic interest owing to the possible occurrence of petroleum in commercial amount. The geological structure is, in many places, difficult to make out, so that every avenue of approach has to be explored in order to gain an understanding of it. The palaeontological evidence given below, though far from complete, and bound, in the course of time to be greatly modified, will, at all events, serve as a basis for future work. (auth)

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