Population dynamic and secondary production of Olivella minuta (Gastropoda: Olividae) on Sandy Beach in Northeastern Brazil / Dinámica poblacional y producción secundaria de Olivella minuta (Gastropoda: Olividae) en una playa arenosa del noreste de Bras

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2012
Authors:de Araújo, P. H. Viana, C. Rocha-Barreira deAlmeida
Journal:Amici Molluscarum
Keywords:Brazil, population dynamics, secondary production

Olivella minuta (Link, 1807) is a common gastropod inhabitant exposed sandy beaches in Northeastern and Southeastern Brazil. The population biology and secondary production of this species were studied every 15 days from July 2004 to July 2006 on Meireles beach, state of Ceará, Northeastern Brazil. Growth and mortality were estimated from length-frequency data using computer-based methods. Life span was estimated by an inverse von Bertalanffy growth equation, considering t-max as 95% of the asymptotic length. Mass-specific growth-rate was used to calculate secondary production. Densities of O. minuta varied considerably during the period of study, with lesser values in the second year. The growth rate do not varied seasonally, with the 0.7 for two years. Mortality rates did not differ significantly between years (Z = 4.70 and 3.03 year–1, for the first and second year, respectively). Life span estimated was nearly 4 years. Estimated secondary production varied between 4.13 and 1.6 g AFDW m–2 year–1, while annual P/B ratio varied between 1.87 and 1.49.

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