Olividae (Gastropoda) miocenici: ultima testimonziana nell’area mediterranea di un clima intertropicale

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1989
Authors:Davoli, F.
Journal:Bolletino della Societá Paleontologica Italiana
Keywords:Appenines, Eocene, Italy, Miocene, Oligocene

Twelve Mediterranean Miocene species of the family Olividae, and other three of Eocene-Oligocene age, supposed to be phylogenetically related to the former taxa, are described and discussed. The shell material largely comes from the museum collections in the Institute Paleontology of Modena, or was collected by the present author from Tortonian beds in the Northern Apennines. Alter an exhaustive review of the family Olividae and a re-examination of systematic arrangement and ecologic meaning of modem and fossil species, the disappearance of this family from the Mediterranean Basin during Late Miocene is treated. The so-called Messinian «salinity crisis» of the Mediterranean Sea has represented an insuperable obstacle for these molluscs, but the climatic events already drastically reduced the species number. Possibly the climatic deterioration prevented the Early Pliocene recolonization of the Mediterranean Sea by few species from shelters along the West African coasts. Finally, the stratigraphic meaning of some taxa having limited chronological distribution in this area is discussed.

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