Oliva ispidula var. samarensis Johnson, 1915 [Oliva oliva “complex”] raised to specific level, with remarks on its feeding behavior. Infraspecific variability and Iconography.

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2011
Authors:Perini, M. A.
Date Published:01/2011
Keywords:IP, Recent

In 1915, Johnson recognized some Oliva specimens from Samar Is. (Philippines) as a variety of Oliva ispidula (auct.) and named them Oliva ispidula var. samarensis. After the examination by Olsson & Dance (1966) of the Oliva types in Linné’s collection, this taxon was assigned to the Oliva oliva “complex.” Subsequently, this species was clearly separated from based on the evident biological differences between the two taxa and on their sympatric occurrence in the Palawan Is. (Philippines) (Perini, 2000a). After evaluation of the morphological differences separating it from Oliva tigridella Duclos, 1835, the specific status of Oliva samarensis Johnson, 1915, is validated herein.

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