Nouvelles espèces d’Ancillariinae (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Olividae) du Paléogène des bassins de Paris et d’Aquitaine

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2013
Authors:Pacaud, J. - M., Merle, D., Pons J.
Keywords:Aquitaine Basin, Cuisian, Eocene (France), Ilerdian, Lutetian, Paleocene (France), Paris Basin, Priabonian, Thanetian

New species of Ancillariinae (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Olividae) from the Paleogene of the Paris and Aquitaine basins.- Bearizia new genus and 9 Ancillariine species, Amalda bellovaciana n. sp., Amalda pusagnensis n. sp., Amalda beneharniana n. sp., Amalda custodiensis n. sp., Micrancilla oesiensis n. sp., Micrancilla guanensis n. sp., Spirancilla bearizensis n. sp., Spirancilla bechevillersensis n. sp. and Spirancilla vasconiana n. sp. are described from the Paleogene (Thanetian, Ypresian and Priabonian) of the Paris and Aquitaine basins. In addition one species, Micrancilla alibamasiana n. sp. is described from the Paleogene (Bartonian) of Alabama. Amalda atrebatum (Wrigley, 1940) from the London Clay Formation (Ypresian) of England is reported from the Ypresian and Lutetian in France. The genus Micrancilla Maxwell, 1992 from the Cenozoic of New-Zealand is recorded for the first time from the Cenozoic of Europe and United States. The systematic placement of Ancillaria dilatata Cossmann, 1886 from the Lutetian of the Paris Basin is reconsidered. This species is not a subjective junior synonym of Spirancilla lamarckii (Deshayes, 1865) and is attributed to the genus Micrancilla.

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