Die Gattung Oliva

Publication Type:Book
Year of Publication:1878
Authors:Weinkauff, H. C.
Series Title:Systematisches Conchylien-Cabinet von Martini und Chemnitz
Number of Pages:121-172, Plates 34-39
Taxonomic name: 
Utriculina gibbosa (Taxon Pages), Agaronia hiatula (Taxon Pages), Agaronia pallida (Taxon Pages), Carmione bulbosa (Taxon Pages), Viduoliva vidua (Taxon Pages), Oliva oliva (Taxon Pages), Americoliva flammulata flammulata (Taxon Pages), Lamprodoma volutella (Taxon Pages), Anazola acuminata (Taxon Pages), Pachyoliva semistriata (Taxon Pages), Americoliva fulgurator fulgurator (Taxon Pages), Callianax alectona (Taxon Pages), Dactylidella anazora (Taxon Pages), Agaronia ancillarioides (Taxon Pages), Galeolella carneola (Taxon Pages), Americoliva incrassata (Taxon Pages), Annulatoliva maculata (Taxon Pages), Americoliva spicata spicata (Taxon Pages), Arctoliva pacifica (Taxon Pages), Miniaceoliva atalina (Taxon Pages), Galeolella athenia (Taxon Pages), Olivancillaria auricularia (Taxon Pages), Oliva avellana (Taxon Pages), Miniaceoliva ponderosa (Taxon Pages), Callianax baetica (Taxon Pages), Utriculina lutaria (Taxon Pages), Miniaceoliva miniacea miniacea (Taxon Pages), Callianax biplicata (Taxon Pages), Oliva tigridella (Taxon Pages), Americoliva broderipi (Taxon Pages), Felicioliva peruviana (Taxon Pages), Carmione bulbiformis (Taxon Pages), Olivina bullula (Taxon Pages), Miniaceoliva caerulea (Taxon Pages), Niteoliva minuta (Taxon Pages), Cariboliva scripta (Taxon Pages), Carmione caroliniana (Taxon Pages), Oliva sayana (Taxon Pages), Pachyoliva columellaris (Taxon Pages), Olivella compta (Taxon Pages), Jaspidella jaspidea (Taxon Pages), Olivella consobrina (Taxon Pages), Olivancillaria contortuplicata (Taxon Pages), Miniaceoliva irisans (Taxon Pages), Olivella nivea nivea (Taxon Pages), Viduoliva dactyliola (Taxon Pages), Olivella dama (Taxon Pages), Americoliva polpasta polpasta (Taxon Pages), Olivancillaria deshayesiana (Taxon Pages), Olivella diodocus (Taxon Pages), Acutoliva jaspidea (Taxon Pages), Dactylidia mutica (Taxon Pages), Viduoliva elegans (Taxon Pages), Olivella floralia (Taxon Pages), Olivella esther (Taxon Pages), Viduoliva reticulata (Taxon Pages), Olivella exilis (Taxon Pages), Oliva faba (Taxon Pages), Olivella fulgurata (Taxon Pages), Olivella fortunei (Taxon Pages), Olivella fulgida (Taxon Pages), Miniaceoliva tremulina tremulina (Taxon Pages), Oliva funebralis (Taxon Pages), Miniaceoliva sericea (Taxon Pages), Carmione tigrina (Taxon Pages), Olivella gracilis gracilis (Taxon Pages), Americoliva oblonga (Taxon Pages), Olivella guildingi (Taxon Pages), Neocylindrus tesselata (Taxon Pages), Viduoliva tricolor (Taxon Pages), Acutoliva panniculata panniculata (Taxon Pages), Americoliva julieta (Taxon Pages), Felicioliva kaleontina kaleontina (Taxon Pages), Viduoliva keenii (Taxon Pages), Multiplicoliva multiplicata (Taxon Pages), Olivella lanceolata (Taxon Pages), Carmione lecoquiana (Taxon Pages), Omogymna ozodona ozodona (Taxon Pages), Olivina puelcha (Taxon Pages), Jaspidella? pulchella (Taxon Pages), Porphyria porphyria (Taxon Pages), Miniaceoliva ornata (Taxon Pages), Olivella mandarina (Taxon Pages), Americoliva maria (Taxon Pages), Dactylidia mica (Taxon Pages), Dactylidia nana (Taxon Pages), Dactylidia millepunctata (Taxon Pages), Olivella miriadina (Taxon Pages), Anazola boavistensis (Taxon Pages), Musteloliva mustelina mustelina (Taxon Pages), Strephonella undatella (Taxon Pages), Viduoliva neostina neostina (Taxon Pages), Olivella nitens (Taxon Pages), Americoliva reticularis (Taxon Pages), Olivancillaria orbignyi (Taxon Pages), Olivella petiolita (Taxon Pages), Oliva pica (Taxon Pages), Olivina tehuelcha (Taxon Pages), Olivella reeveii (Taxon Pages), Olivella pulicaria (Taxon Pages), Macgintiella rosolina (Taxon Pages), Parvoliva rufula (Taxon Pages), Omogymna ozodona sandwicensis (Taxon Pages), Galeolella sidelia (Taxon Pages), Olivella signata (Taxon Pages), Carmione similis (Taxon Pages), Vullietoliva splendidula (Taxon Pages), Callianax strigata (Taxon Pages), Olivella tergina (Taxon Pages), Agaronia testacea (Taxon Pages), Belloliva triticea (Taxon Pages), Americoliva truncata (Taxon Pages), Galeolella volvarioides (Taxon Pages), Zanoetella zanoeta (Taxon Pages), Dactylidia zenopira (Taxon Pages), Dactylidia? zonalis (Taxon Pages), Belloliva leucozona (Taxon Pages), Cupidoliva nympha (Taxon Pages), Olivellopsis simplex (Taxon Pages)
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