Cenozoic seas: the view from eastern North America

Publication Type:Book
Year of Publication:2004
Authors:Petuch, E. J.
Number of Pages:1-308
Publisher:CRC Press
City:Boca Raton
ISBN Number:0-8493-1632-4
Keywords:Cenozoic, Florida, USA

The rich fossil record of the Atlantic and Gulf coastal plains of the United States is a gold mine for interested scientists. The last thirty million years of Earth history are superbly chronicled by a succession of fossil assemblages extending from the St. Lawrence River to Florida. Marine scientists, paleontologists, and systematic biologists alike need a thorough guide to interpret this history. Cenozoic Seas: The View from Eastern North America analyzes the changing geography, the arrival and departures of ecosystems and species, and the affect of climate on living things. The author classifies all of the region’s fossil-bearing formations and their contents within a logical, descriptive framework of space and time, providing a clear path for those studying evolution and extinction within specific communities of organisms. The book is also an excellent field guide for fossil collectors, providing detailed information for all species illustrated. Many organisms have never before been illustrated in a book on fossil shells. Review In this very interesting and different kind of academic book, Petuch … has generated a paleogeographic world of the Gulf Coast and Atlantic Coastal Plain … . … [L]ibraries that cover systematic zoology will probably need to acquire this book. - CHOICE Ed Petuch’s latest book will be welcomed by many loyal fossil collectors, is necessary for serious researchers dealing with Western Atlantic gastropod groups, and is of interest to students of evolution, ecology, stratigraphy and oceanography. … It will help collectors understand their shells as living organisms … [and] put their shells in a framework of time and space … . The photography in this book is very good … . … [O]verall this book succeeds in its basic premise: to divide the east coast malacofaunas into communities … . - American Conchologist

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