Additions to the fauna of the Trent Marl of North Carolina

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1943
Authors:Richards, H.
Journal:Journal of Paleontology
Keywords:Miocene, North Carolina, USA

The marine invertebrate fauna of the Trent formation of N. Carolina is reviewed in the light of recent collections made from the vicinity of Silverdale, N. Carolina. 31 additional fossils are recorded, bringing to 54 the total fauna of the formation. Most of these 54 spp. are figured and all are dis-cussed. The present study tends to confirm the Lower Miocene dating of the formation. The pelecypods, Anomia onslowensis*, Cardium midyetti, and Gemma magna striata, and the snails, Diadora chipolana caroliniana*, Potamides silverdalensis*, Eupleura harbisoni*, Murex davisi*, M. kellumi*, Rapana gilletti*, Fusinus trenten-sis*, and Olivella gardnerae* are described from the Trent formation.

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