This site is almost permanently being changed and improved, with new literature and new specimen data being added regularly. The following more extensive projects are at present being undertaken:

  • Cesare Brizio initiated a project aiming at the addition of figures of type material given in Tursch & Greifeneder (2001). Dr. B. Tursch has granted permission to add the figures to this site. However, the whereabouts of original materials of these figures (negatives, slides, prints) is uncertain. Later this year, with much appreciated help of Dr. Tursch, we will attempt to find these materials. If not found, the plates will be scanned and added. [BUSY]
  • Figures of type species of genus-group taxa will be added where available. [BUSY]
  • Insert a front page for each valid taxon, with distribution data and an illustration where possible. [BUSY]
  • Add ALL type material listed in major publications as specimen records. [BUSY]
  • Marcus and José Coltro, through their Femorale site, made available scans of the Kaicher card packs, four of which (Packs #33, #49, #51, #54) deal with Olivoidea. Those cards depicting type material, as well as specimens of special interest, will be included on this site.


  • Add species descriptions and type figures of Petuch & Sargent (1986). [READY, April 8, 2017]
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