Europe. The Oligocene-Miocene of the North Sea Basin

The Miocene of the North Sea basin yeilded only a small number of Olivoidea, sheltering the last known species of Ancillarina befor it became extinct, a single ancillariid and an olivid.


Miocene deposits in Belgium include those of the Bolderberg Formation (Upper Aquitanian-Burdigalian) and Berchem Formation (Sands of Antwerp, Sands of Edegem; Aquitanian-Burdigalian). Glibert (1952) discussed the gastropods from the Miocene of Belgium.

Stratigraphy of the North Sea Basin
Neogene Pliocene Piacenzian  
Miocene Messinian  

Miste, Netherlands (In Miste, near Winterswijk, Gelderland, The Netherlands, rich Hemmoorian (Langhian) deposits were sampled in 1971 (locality here entered as Miste 1971), at a locality only a short distance from the first one in 2003 (locality here entered as Miste 2003), and in 2013. Extensive stratigraphic data can be found in Van den Bosch, Cadée & Janssen (1975). Janssen (1984) reported on the materials found during the early excavation)

Hemmoor, Germany (documented by Kautsky (1925), belong to the same fauna and are are comparable to the materials found at Miste, The Netherlands (see below))

Paleogenee Oligocene Chattian

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